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creation, enhancement, editing, management and redesign of WordPress websites

the concept

WordPress coaching

For creating and managing your WordPress site, you have two options:

  • work with an agency but that implies…
  • a quite significant budget

  • a limited control over your online activity

  • develop it by yourself but that implies… 
  • a considerable waste of time

  • the risk of a lack of quality

My solution: a mix of these two options which combines flexibility, support and low prices!

the services

You don’t have a website yet?

launch your website

According to your needs, your budget, your desires, you choose among the 3 original packages the one that suits you best.

The advantage: regardless of the package chosen, I am here to guide you and support you in the development of your site!

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You already have a website?

editing and redesign:
optimise your website

  • I will support you on the specific points that are problematic for you. Whether it is a specific feature to integrate or a visual effect to develop, I offer you specific assistance on the difficulties you may encounter.
  • Would like a professional review of your website as well as personalized advices on how to optimize it? I offer you a free diagnosis to discuss it together.
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maintain your website

  • A WordPress website requires a minimum of maintenance! For a successful site, you must ensure regular updates, and then correct any problem of compatibility that may occur. Think no more, I’ll take care of it for you!
  • Security issues should not be overlooked! Benefit from my professional plan at an advantageous price, so you can guarantee your visitors a secure and clean site!
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know more about l’creation

It is essential, before embarking on a project, to know who you are talking to. Find out more about me, my skills and my values.

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let’s talk!

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