for an updated and secure website

I take care of it for you
I take care of it for you

maintenance package

It is essential to regularly update the version of WordPress, the theme and the plugins in order to avoid operational or display problems. Remember also that during these updates, compatibility issues may occur and that it is then necessary to find the source to correct them.
  • weekly updates

  • intervention in case of problem

or pay for 1 year and save 15%!

  • Your website is always updated and operational

  • The intervention in case of problem is included

  • Small “all inclusive” budget


    I take care of it for you
    I take care of it for you

    security package

    To prevent your site from being hacked, infected or even completely lost, it needs to be effectively protected. Also, daily backups are essential, because they are an assurance in case of unexpected issues.

    As grandma always says, “prevention is better than cure”!

    • installation and setup of Malcare for security (against hacking) 

    • installation and setup of BlogVault for automatic backups

    • installation and setup of CleanTalk against spams

    • intervention in case of failure or problem, for a year


    • Malcare efficiency: a professional tool and an extremely fast support team

    • The CleanTalk advantage: an anti spam protection without captcha!

    • 1-click backup restore

    • Intervention in case of issue is included

    • Small budget, thanks to my professional plan