privacy policy


As part of its activity, l’creation company collects and processes information that are qualified as “personal data”. l’creation attaches great importance to respect for privacy, and only uses this data in a responsible and confidential manner and for a specific purpose.

Who collects your data?


Company name: l’creation sàrl-s

Head office:
31A route d’Arlon
8552 Oberpallen

RCS : B231462
TVA : LU30969867

Phone: +352 691 21 60 81
Email :

What kind of data is collected? 

The personal data collected by l’creation is: name, email address and message.

How is your data collected? 

Collected data is the one you transmit via the contact form or by email. 

Why does l’creation collect your data? 

The data you transmit directly is used for the purpose of re-contacting you, and / or in order to respond to any requests and questions you may have regarding l’creation services.

How l’creation gets the autorization to process your data?

Personal data is only collected after mandatory user consent. This consent is validly obtained by checking the acceptance box of our privacy policy located in our contact forms. Accepting this privacy policy through this process will be considered an affirmative statement by which you give your consent and thereby authorize the processing of your personal data for the purposes set out in this document.

How does l’creation use your data?

This personal data is used by l’creation, responsible for data processing, and will never be transferred to a third party or used for purposes other than those detailed above. Only l’creation company will have access to your personal data.

For how long does l’creation keep your data?

The personal data collected by l’creation will be saved for a maximum period of 3 years.

What are your rights regarding your data?

You have the right to consult, modify or delete all of your personal data. You can also withdraw your consent to the processing of your data. To do this, you can contact l’creation either by email or by phone +352 691 21 60 81.